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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Knocking the Dust Off

It's been a while since I've used this blog, but I think it is a good time to knock the dust off. The other day, I woke up with the idea that I just needed to start being careful with my food, and that I need to start exercising again. There is no upset, no sense of disappointment or guilt. Instead, I do enjoy the idea of shedding some of my winter padding, getting ready for the harder work of gardening and landscaping,

I'm not looking at this like something that I need to attack and conquer. Instead, I want to just enjoy the walk, and be a bit more purposeful in how I feed myself and move. I am sure that the scale will gradually reflect the changes that I make.

While I don't want to call it a scheduled "cheat" day, I won't be preoccupied with food and exercise on Shabbat. It's just not going to be on my radar, that day. I will eat what is made available to me, and the most exercise I plan on getting is what comes naturally while playing and carrying toddlers.  All other days are fair game though.

Yesterday, I a logged my first mile, using Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds". It felt good to DO something, even though I didn't feel so stellar WHILE I was doing it. I've been sick for weeks now, and I'm still not feeling wonderful. My chest is still tender, and my cough hasn't resolved yet. So, even small amounts of exercise are taxing. I'm not letting that get in the way thou. I'm actually hopeful that maybe moving more will help me recover.

My plan is to stick to just one mile per day, for two weeks. With the instability in my pelvis, I am hoping that this slow progress will build my strength gently enough that I can then move to two miles, without hurting myself. It seems wimpy to stop at just 18 minutes of exercise, but that is just my strong will, trying to write checks that my body is not ready to cash. That is kind of an on-running theme in my life. I always over-do it, and then end up hurting myself. I just need to make piece with the reality that I am a little more breakable than some other people. Maybe I don't have to run faster, lift more, and sweat a gallon every day. Somewhere, there is a happy medium place for me, doing enough, without doing too much. The only thing I'm going to shred is... Lettuce. I'm un-shredable. Sorry Jillian Michaels. I will have to gift tour DVD to someone else.

Thanks to drinking more water, and cutting back on the coffee and sugar, I've dropped a little water weight since yesterday. I'm down by 2.6 lbs. That's not too shabby.